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Several More Dog Sweaters Completed

Have been working on alot of things lately. Here are a few of the dog sweaters that I have finished. I have also finished Halloween and Christmas sweaters I’ll try to get put out here in the next few days along with the collars and leashes my husband is making out of paracord.   Will also be showing you some of the hooded dog coats that I have been sewing, some ice skate booties. Hope everyone is doing well out there and having fun. These dog sweaters were made by modifying a red heart pattern that you can find here I did not however use the super saver yarn, but some softer yarns I had lying around.

purple short sweater 1

Short Purple Dog Sweater with Ruffles

green variegated dog sweater - 9

Natural Tones Variegated Dog Sweater

purple dog dress 1
Purple Dog Sweater Dress

Detox Drinks

So I have been hearing alot about these detox drinks so I got curious.   I’m not sure yet whether it will help with skin or weight, but I love drinking it.  Was actually surprised by that because I am not big on mint in drinks.   This recipe is supposed to flatten your tummy.  I’ll let you know!

                                                          2 cups of water

detox water jar1 medium cucumber

1 lemon

10-12 mint leaves

Steep overnight in fridge, I remove the fruit if I

don’t drink it all that day.


Well it’s been a few weeks and I can tell you this stuff is great! Losing weight and makes me feel great. The one problem I did have in the beginning was it depleted my sodium, so I had to add a little more salt to my diet.

Adding Pet Items to Store

We received a request to do a craft show to benefit a humane society.  The event is going to be held at a dog park, so decided this was the perfect time to add some pet items to the store.  I’ve made sweaters for my dogs, but until now not for others.   Rhino makes dog collars and leashes out of paracord and  has decided to start making cat collars (the fact that a kitten was added to the family could have something to do with that).

dog sweater one - 1 cat and cat collardog sweater one - 5  cat collar