LargeBabblingHookHere at Babbling Hook, we supply quality, handmade creations to include clothing, accessories and other household items. 

I watched my Grandmothers crochet and quilt when I was young and was always fascinated with the needle arts.  My Aunt Eleanor taught me how to crochet and my Aunt Kathleen would give me help and ideas from time to time.  Watching yarn turn into a teddy bear or a hat just fascinates me.   I can read patterns, but like to give them my own personal touch.   Seems like each thing that you make should be unique, what is the point of buying handmade items if they are all exactly the same.  Besides all patterns can be improved. 

But my favorite thing to do is make up my own patterns.  To see an item, like a rhino, and take yarn and make my own version of it.  I also like to use different materials like ribbons and fabric to crochet with.

I also enjoy knitting and sewing, but in case you couldn’t tell my current love is crochet.


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