Here a Hat, There a Hat, Everywhere a Hat

As the weather cools down hats become popular again.  Have been working on lots of hats!

The black and white is a simple beanie in variegated yarn, love this.  The creme colored hat is a thick yarn with sequins and is very chic.  The mint green hat is just gorgeous.  I made this on Friday and sold the first one on Saturday.  The button on the flower is a vintage button.  I love the vintage buttons!

And as a nod to those still in warmer climates I made a black version of
a sun hat.  I absolutely love this hat pattern.  I rarely use other
people’s patterns for hats, but I found this one and loved it.  The
pattern can be found at .  The hat is made of 100% cotton.



Leave Pattern Shawl

Loved this pattern so I had to make one for my shop.

leaf shawl white - 1

Brittiany modeling the Leave Shawl


This is the link for the pattern:

Spiderman Afghan

spidy 1 I absolutely love the pattern for this spiderman afghan. I started working on it 2 days ago and is so much fun I had a hard time putting it down. The pattern is available at:


Halloween around our house is always an exciting time of year.  Whether it is building the two-story spider web in the front yard or gearing up for the trick-or-treaters, my family can’t wait for October to roll around every year.  My crocheting is no exception.

Here is a few examples of my work:

Brilliant Bat ( $15 )                                                                      Jaunty Lil Pumpkin ( $10 )





Pumpkin ( $15 )                                                                                  Infant Pumpkin Hat ( $15 )
Check them out and have a Happy Halloween!