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Rhino’s Emporium and Our Soap Savers

Rhino’s Emporium (www.rhinosemporium.com) makes these wonderful soaps.  We decided that maybe those wonderful soaps could use some soap savers.  So we’re going to make the soap savers and you can purchase them both on our site at www.babblinghook.com or when you purchase soaps at www.rhinosemporium.com you can purchase the soap savers there.

They have a special dead man’s soap available for halloween, haven’t figured out which is the appropriate soap saver for that one yet.   They also have an really good dog bar soap with natural flea repellents and a good cat soap.  They even have a pumpkin pie soap – I wouldn’t suggest nibbling on it though.


C2C (Corner to Corner) Crochet

There is a popular trend in crochet that is making the rounds. It is called Corner to Corner Crochet.  It will allow you to complete larger projects in a lot less time. It produces an eye pleasing texture and allows you to do diagonal stripes without constantly changing your yarn.

Below is a good tutorial on C2C by The Crochet Crowd:

And here is one from Red Heart:

And here is some examples of completed works in C2C by Babbling Hook Creations:

Very Berry Cowl from Babbling Hook on Etsy

Red Cowl

Multi-Colored Child’s Scarf from Babbling Hook on Etsy

multi scarf

Sparkling Silver Scarf from Babbling Hook on Etsy


Team Spirit Diagonal Striped Scarf from Babbling Hook on Etsy